Unity Communications increases business sales for AT&T by 20% in the Arizona Market with collaboration of real-time intelligence and appointment setting. 


The Obstacle to Overcome:

Wireless sales in Arizona had been declining year after year and losing market share to Verizon. AT&T had suffered a brand perception that their coverage and service were not up to the same standards and quality as their competition. With staff turnover, changes in wireless plans, and loss of key accounts in Arizona, AT&T was quickly becoming an afterthought in the Phoenix market, and not even a consideration in northern Arizona. 


With Verizon now keeping 80 percent of the business market share - we saw a HUGE opportunity. Our plan was to reach out to every business in the Phoenix market that AT&T does not have any current billing with. Our pitch was simple: AT&T had not done enough to earn their business and must go above and beyond to win their trust and consideration. With a flexible sales script, follow-ups with AT&T direct employees and contractors. Putting a project management team to consider all technical hurdles. We executed an appointment setting campaign that called 20,000 business in a 6 month period of time.


We reached out to gatekeepers and decision makers asking us to schedule our best pitch to consider AT&T as an alternative to Verizon. To be held hostage by a single vendor for their wireless is not a good position a company should be in. At the very least, we need to be there in case you need a 2nd vendor to be there in a moments notice. With our omni channel approach - we reached out via email, voice, SMS, social media, for both gate keeps and decision makers, we were able to get our sales people in front and center. Our goal was very clear. Pitch to every company in Phoenix that has 30 or more employees. 



In a 1 year period, we increased market share in Arizona by 4 percent. Considering that AT&T had 11 percent market share and increased to 15 percent, we exceeded expectations and are still moving forward 2 years later on the work we started on this campaign. This was a complete team effort and was allowed to start campaigns in 7 more markets.